Find Out The Difference Of Vaccination and Immunization Here

Many people often regard vaccination and immunization as the same thing. When in fact vaccination and immunization have different meanings. Differences in vaccination and immunization are often ignored because they both have the same goal, which is to increase the body's resistance to certain diseases. Vaccination is the process of administering a vaccine through injection or dripping into the mouth to increase the production of antibodies to ward off certain diseases. Meanwhile, immunization is a process in the body so that a person has immunity against a disease. Immunizations are divided into active and passive immunizations. Vaccination is included in active immunization as an effort to trigger the body to release antibodies against certain diseases. In contrast to passive immunization which means the body is given antibodies and not provoked to produce endurance, for example immunoglobulin injections. Active immunization can last longer for the long term to a lifetime, whe
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